What are the Perfect Conditions for Skiing?

What are the Perfect Conditions for Skiing?

Millions of people enjoy a spot of skiing and the images of professional skiers dashing down the snowy slopes with powder flying behind them is an iconic alpine scene. But how many of us know which conditions are best for partaking in this fabulous sport? In this blog we take a look at what makes the perfect conditions to ski.

Fresh Powder

Sometimes a joke leveled at meteorological institutions, there is actually different types of snow. Snow can differ from freshly fallen soft powder to a sort of icy slush, and everything in between. When the first coverings of fresh powder descend from the sky and settle on older coverings, this almost feather-like substance is perfect for skiers. The more experienced or pro skier will tend to go fast on powder as they do not want to sink into the pillow-like surface, and the intermediate or beginner will also favor this as they will appreciate the soft surface as a natural braking system. In-depth research has proven that less injuries happen on powder-type snow than on any other.

Temperatures of Minus One to Minus Six

The ultimate temperatures for the best possible skiing conditions are between minus one and minus six Celsius. This is the perfect temperature so that there is no melting but it is not too cold so that you cannot enjoy your sport. When the temperature rises just a little this can be really good too as the snow softens and melts slightly (corn snow), so that in the morning there is a shiny and glossy covering on the slopes. This occurs when the temperatures rise only a couple of degrees, any more than that then disaster strikes. The resultant snow is little more than thawing ice and quite treacherous to ski on.

Low Wind Speeds

Skiers dislike high winds, firstly because the higher the winds then also the higher the chill factor which leads to miserable skiing. The second reason is the high winds tend to make skiing precarious on the high slopes, it whips up the loose snow and can cause blizzards which can be disastrous. When this happens, visibility is cut down to dangerous proportions and being stuck up the mountain is no fun.

The Perfect Vista

To complete perfect skiing conditions, you need the perfect view. Admittedly this has no technical impact on your skiing apart from lifting up your spirits and making you feel great. Whether you prefer rugged peaks or snowy alpine slopes it does not matter, as a great vista will definitely improve your mood and therefore your level of skiing.

Combining these four factors together will make for the perfect skiing conditions, all that is left is for you to get out on the slopes and enjoy yourself. It not often happens that all four come together smoothly but this does not mean that you cannot ski, it just means you will not have an ultimate experience. Skiing is about many variables, the snow, the climate, the wind is just the main three and out of your control but be aware that there are other factors you can control like not electing to ski at a packed resort.