Top Ski Tips – Part 1

Top Ski Tips – Part 1

If you ever have tried skiing it is hard not to be jealous of the competent skiers racing down the black run effortlessly, gliding over the powder snow with the beautiful blue sky above. What many learners fail to appreciate is that many of these skiers are born on the mountains or have taken lessons since they were young. To help you with your quest of becoming a better skier in this blog we have put together some great tips that should definitely help.

Top Ski Tips – Part 1


Remember that gravity will always take you down the slope without you having to do too much, the problem with this is that gravity will always take the shortest route. Sometimes this is not the best or the safest, so the first things you must learn are how to stop and steer. Balance is also of the highest important, remember snow is slippery after all! Practice your stance time and again so you are comfortable with your balance standing on snow. If you have never been skiing before you are probably not aware of what clothing to wear, keep two things in mind. Firstly, warmth and secondly vision. The list of essentials is below:

  • Sunglasses and googles
  • Wear layers, not one large item
  • Have a thermal layer next to the skin
  • One pair of socks
  • Waterproof outer layer
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Skin protection / sun cream
  • Insurance
  • Gloves

First Time Advice

Most of the above is covered when you hire or purchase proper ski equipment, when you first start it is best to hire skis, boots and poles. Try the sport first before you splash out on expensive equipment, and this includes items such as silhouettes. When you first select your skis the hire shop will most likely find the correct pair for you, but bear in mind that they should be around 30 cm shorter than your height, you will find that shorter skis are easier to turn in. If your skis keep on crossing over in front of you this is a sign that they are too long. Possibly the hardest piece of skiing equipment to get right are the boots, the mission here is they have to be comfortable, but also fairly snug as your heel should not be able to move once the boots are fastened and your foot should not be able to move around. When you want to walk around then undo them as it is almost impossible to do so if they are fastened. It is really important that you get used to your boots, they will never be comfortable like a pair of shoes but think of them as an extension of your body that allows the skis to be attached. The hire shop will explain how to fit your skis onto your boots and how to take them off easily and quickly in case of problems.

Ski equipment

Now you are fully kitted out, in part two of top ski tips we start with the basics, which includes standing up, moving in your skis and the way you should stand.