Top Ski Films – Part 2

Top Ski Films – Part 2

Today’s films featuring modern and freestyle skiing are becoming more and more popular with the general public, no longer are they cult movies hidden away for screenings at ski resorts. This blog looks at some of the more recent films that have been released about skiing and some of its major performers.

G.N.A.R – 2011

The action of G.N.A.R all takes place in Squaw Valley and this feature length film focuses on what was basically a game that was dreamed up by Shane McConkey. This game became a chapter in Rob Gaffney’s book entitled Squallywood which proved the inspiration for the film. When McConkey dies in 2009, Squaw Valley became almost a shrine to his followers and they descended from all over the globe to compete in the official Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness competition. The competition is a range of spurious tasks, some being performed naked, and some while the competitors phone up their mothers. It is all pure harmless fun and provides lighthearted entertainment.


Day Tripper – 1997

This film is worth seeing just to listen to the 80’s soundtrack, tunes from Feeder, Placebo and the Stone Roses accompany all the fun on the slopes with the snowboards. There is a sketchy story behind the film involving a number of pro-riders including Travis Parker that all set off on a bus together to discover the greatest powder and jumps in America.

Passenger – 2015

Those who love ski movies will have definitely heard of the Legs of Steel, formed in 2009 these guys have made six major films. The guys in Passenger travel to four different continents and push the limits of their freeride skiing. One of the most amazing scenes is in Austria, when the whole team attempt a jump that the viewer cannot believe.

Supervention – 2013

This film could have been made by the tourist board of Norway, it shows the mountains and beautiful landscape at their very best as it highlights the featured freeriding for the film. Most of the free riders are from Scandinavia and they are up for showing their American counterparts exactly what they can do. Featuring the likes of Terje Hakonsen and Tom Wallisch the action is terrific and filmed superbly. Perhaps the biggest highlight of Supervention is the guest appearance of the World Cup ski race star Aksel Lund Svindal, it shows the skill of this talented racer as he leaves his familiar ice race tracks behind to enjoy a spot of freeriding on the deep powder.

McConkey – 2013

Our last film is devoted to somebody we have featured heavily in this blog, namely Shane McConkey. McConkey is a documentary on this enigmatic and iconic figure, featuring his life, his untimely death and also the marvelous legacy he leaves behind. McConkey without doubt brought freeriding to the cinema and thereby a much wider audience than previously had experienced it. He pioneered the sport and was truly excellent at it, the film is a great tribute to one of the greatest stars in sports films of any genre. The list of films included in this blog were both feature and short length and exemplify the passion for this relatively new pastime all over the globe.