Top Ski Films – Part 1

Top Ski Films – Part 1

Films based around and featuring skiing have been around as almost as long as the film industry itself, images come to mind of really bad hairstyles and terrible fashion but with new film technology and ways of filming snow scenes the role of a ski film can now be taken seriously. In this blog we look at some of the greatest recent ski movies, our list is not in any particular order and we fly down the slope without any delay.

Claim – 2008

This film and its producers claim that it is The Best Ski Movie ever made. Focusing on the life of Shane McConkey who was a Canadian skiing icon before his untimely death in 2009. McConkey pioneered the art of freestyle skiing he even attached water skis to his boots on one occasion in an attempt to navigate through powder. His style was innovative but he always looked graceful and his skiing effortless. There is a famous scene in the film set to the music The Final Countdown where the pure adrenaline is white hot as the riders display marvelous freeride skills and pumping the air in celebration as they land.

Afterglow – 2014

A more recent short film brings art and skiing together in a film that is shot superbly in the  Canadian Esplanade Range. The action mostly happens at night and it focuses on the different shades and colors as the skiers are maneuvering down the slopes.The mountain was illuminated for the shoot by means of eight massive 4,000-watt lights, and all the action took six weeks to complete. The ultra-modern LED ski suits that the skiers wear add to the glittering illumination and the whole film was made in association with electronics giant Philips for a TV advert of their new product Ambilight.

The Crash Reel – 2013

A film devoted to one of the world’s greatest ever snowboarders, Kevin Pearce. This American snowboarder is electric in the action. The film is based on footage of his devastating crash during one of his grueling training sessions, a crash he was lucky to come away with his life. The film also focuses on Pearce’s recuperation from a serious head injury and how he came to terms with not being able to take to the snow any more. He demonstrates his love for the sport which still has not abated.


The Blizzard of AAHHH’S – 1988

Probably the first professional movie about American skiers Glen Plake, Scot Schmidt and Mike Hattrup. The film was a landmark in the respect it bought the pro-ski movie into mainstream cinema. All the action takes place to a booming 1980’s soundtrack and brings freeride skiing to a mass audience, directed by Greg Stump this film is a rock star of ski movies. These films represent the opening up of skiing and freeriding as a genuine theme to both feature and short films as a recognized genre in film. Obviously, this type of film is still in its relevant infancy and the audience is pretty limited. But as the acceptance of this genre becomes more popular then who knows if this cannot become as popular of other sporting themed films.