How to Buy a Pair of Skis

How to Buy a Pair of Skis

Maybe your frustration of having to queue up every time to rent skis when you go skiing is grating on your nerves, or perhaps you feel that your skiing has come to the stage that you deserve your own skis. It doesn’t really matter, buying your first pair of skis can both be a daunting and difficult thing to do. In this blog we will dispense some pointers to help you along with the process and so you get the best pair of skis to suit your body and purse.

Ignore Buying Online

As with shoes, the best way to buy a pair of skis is to physically try then on and feel them in your hands. Go to a specialist ski shop with experts who know how to fit a pair of skis. Preferably a store that knows you, possibly one that you have rented skis out to you before. Also a local store to the place you ski most will know what type of terrain that the skis will mostly likely be used on. Ask friends and other skiers where they bought their skis from, word of mouth is often the best recommendation. you will be asked your weight, don’t be concerned it’s a better indicator of what length the skis should be than your height.

Don’t Always Go for Brand Names

Consider what type of skier you are when buying your skis, if you are a beginner or intermediate don’t be fooled in parting with thousands of dollars, to be blunt those types of skis are for the pro’s and would be wasted on you. As a guide for the average skier, a budget of $500 to $800 is easily sufficient for skis, boots and bindings.

Spend the Bulk of Your Budget on the Boots

Skis are the most noticeable part of your kit, but your boots are the most important. All your control, power and feeling comes from your feet not the skis. Your boots should be a little tighter than your normal shoes, they must be tried with your favorite ski socks and not with thin nylon everyday socks. It is imperative that you go to a boot specialist, somebody that can tweak, mold and melt the boots to a perfect fit.

Always Try Before You Buy

By going to a specialist ski shop they will know the need for you to try your skis out before you buy them. Most good stores will be happy to accommodate you for a small fee that will be deducted on purchase. Think of this as a small investment, as if it leads to a perfect pair of skis that you can use for years then it is a small price to pay. Also remember different brands have slightly different sizing, so don’t panic that your body is getting bigger. This could be because they use different ways of stitching or measurement techniques. Above all do not get stressed out over buying your new skis, if you feel pressurized by the salesman move on to another store, you are buying for fun and not for some scientific purpose.