Famous Male Skiers

Famous Male Skiers

So, who are these skiers? Who are the best male alpine skiers of all time? Although these questions are rather open for debate, in this blog we put some firm suggestions of names that can easily fit into the category of the most famous alpine skiers in history. These names include Olympic Gold Medal winners that made such an impact over the years on the sport and its spectators. The list is in no particular order of merit, just how the names came to mind.

Alberto Tomba – Italy

Alberto Tomba – Italy

When it comes to Slalom and GS courses one of the most famous names of all time has to be Alberto Tomba. Nicknamed Tomba the Bomba due to his almost recklessness on the slopes. Tomba brought bling into the world of skiing, and he was one of the most flamboyant skiers ever to hit the slopes. He amassed three gold medals at the Calgary and the Albertville Winter Olympics, and even had time in Calgary to phone his family back in Italy to instruct them to turn the TV on so that they could see him on his winning attempt.

Ingemar Stenmark – Sweden

Ingemar Stenmark

Stenmark achieved two gold medals at the Lake Placid Olympics in 1980, in the Slalom and Giant Slalom but was banned in defending his two titles in 1984 as the Olympic Committee considered him as a professional. However, Ingemar Stenmark’s remarkable record of 86 wins at international level puts him at the pinnacle of the most successful skiers ever.

Franz Klammer – Austria

Franz Klammer

Incredibly the world-famous Franz Klammer only ever won one gold medal in his long and illustrious career. Klammer’s style was not textbook, and some people may even say ugly. But his driving force was his nerve, he would throw himself into curves and bends at ridiculous angles and speeds disregarding his own personal safety. A good example of this was at Innsbruck in 1976, Klammer was seeded 15th but defied the laws of gravity to cut corners that nobody believed could be done to bring home the gold medal against all odds.

Bernard Russi – Switzerland

Russi arrived in a hail of glory in 1972 at Sapporo when he won the Downhill gold. And four years later he was pipped by Franz Klammer by just 0.33 seconds. Unfortunately Russi never rose to these great heights again and finished his career as a Downhill Ski Run designer at the most famous ski resorts all over the world.

Hermann Maier – Austria

Hermann Maier

Maier became a world skiing hero after his dramatic crash in the Downhill where he fell at approximately 85 mph. Maier landed on his skull, spun in the air tumbling over safety netting as he did so. Remarkably he picked himself up and continued his run, a couple of days later he won the gold medal! These great skiers deserve their place on the leaderboard of the world’s greatest ever male skiers. They all had their own styles and were individuals, but one thing that unites all of them is the desire to win and the unbridled courage they showed trying to achieve that.